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4 Permanent Cosmetic Tattoos on Rage in 2018

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During the experimental days, even the originators mightn’t gauge the immense popularity that microblading is presently relishing. Evading discussion on its commencement, let’s focus on the procedure and result of non-invasive permanent makeups that are in rage and on their way of becoming the inevitable fashion statement amongst the socialite set. They are comparatively low in terms of time commitment; quickly produce the result, unobtrusive and non-invasive. Owing to the contribution of the Instagram influencers the world is experiencing a surge in the trend of micropigmentation thus scouring Instagram here we are presenting a list of popular cosmetic tattoos.

  • Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo

Life would sing in complete blissful harmony when you will be spared from eyeliner smudges, wiggly eyeliner and running mascara. Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo is the solution to all of these aforesaid hassles. When you want to have the illusion of bigger eyes, dense eyelashes every hour of the day you may resort on eyeliner tattoo. If you are allergic to cosmetic products or always run out of time confide in eyeliner tattoo. Whether you want to have subtle winged eyeliner, dramatic traditional eyeliner or slightly smokey top edge just say your preference to the experienced professional; choose neutral, natural hue on the basis of your skin tone to gain acceptable appearance. Upper eyeliner tends to be thicker on the outside and tapers in towards the inner part; on the other hand, on lower eyelid pigmented eyeliner runs through the lower lash line. A piece of advice, don’t connect the upper lines with the lower lash line as the eyes appear to be smaller and facial skin droops with gravity.

Permanent Cosmetic eyeliner










  • Lip Blushing Treatment or Micropigmentation

This lip procedure has taken the cosmetic industry by storm owing to its potential in providing youthful tint and defined shape, after all, who doesn’t love to be blessed with the bliss of waking up every morning with a pink, luscious pout? Through a small needle customized palette of pink pigment is tenderly implanted without creating heavy border appearance; however, if you wish to have more countered look to your lips artisans may use different shades of pink or brown tone to reshape the edges of the mouth. This one can be used as a corrective treatment for vermilion lips, fine lines, loss of volume, asymmetrically shaped lips and accidental or surgical scars. Right after the procedure the lips may look swollen that will normalize with each passing days. If you are susceptible to herpetic reactions then it’s advisable to take prescribed anti-herpetic medication before and after the procedure in order to preclude the chances of having cold sores.

Lip blushing lip colour
Lip Blushing Technique for Youthful, pouted Lips
  • Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is ideal for you if you have a penchant for fully defined brows, or you desire to reconstruct the shape, cover the gaps and surgical scars or fill-in overly plucked eyebrows, aside of that, if you want to add a permanent slight arch then you may elect this. An expert uses a special microblading pen in order to draw individual strokes and it takes nearly two hours to complete this extremely meticulous process. Numbing cream is used for topical anaesthesia to relieve the pain at least 20 minutes before. Depending on the quality of the pigment, type of your skin, lifestyle, and health the results may last for three years and the results depend on the experience and expertise of the specialist. Prior to this consult with the technicians regarding your desired colour and shape. You can maintain your regular threading, tweezing session to remove unwanted hair growth outside the tattoo pattern.

Semi-permanent makeup-eyebrow microblading for gorgeous look
Microblading Eyebrow










  • Scalp Micropigmentation

If you are under the impression that micropigmentation is women’s thing, then hold your thought for a minute and instead of approaching more, first become acquainted with scalp tattoo that is performed to create thickening effect. When your baldness is in the advanced stage this tattoo can create the illusion of increased density of hair. Numbing cream or spray is applied before the process to mitigate the discomfort, the procedure requires highly specialized equipment and adeptness to administer pigment. Head towards the clinic with 3-4 hours in hand and make sure the pigmentation used by the artist matches to natural hair colour. To have an even coverage, fill in undesirably empty scalp area women can also opt for this surgery. If you are on insulin, blood thinners schedule a consultation with a doctor before undergoing the procedure.

Scalp micropigmentation- scalp tattooing-nonsurgical hair loss treatment
Adding Illusive Density to Bald Head & Thinning Hair

Since immemorial time mankind is in the search of artifacts and it seems like cosmetic tattoo is the ultimate mean of enhancing natural beauty. However, the time has witnessed how techniques evolve with the advancement of technologies and we are looking forward to the progression of the cosmetic tattoo.

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