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5 handbags that find a place in every girl’s closet

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Being obsessive about fashion accessories is the birthright of women. Their apparel, accessories, handbags, and even shoes vary by seasons and occasions. Since the ancient times, women of every age group must have a minimal fashion sense. If you notice them carefully, you will see how their fashion sense including apparel and accessories keep changing in every stage of Life.

A woman must go out with her handbag because she always has to carry some essentials. But beyond all of her necessities,choosing a handbag and accessories completes her sense of fashion.

Now we are going to discuss five bags those must find the secure place in women’s wardrobe.

Tote Bag:

A tote bag gives you a polished and professional look. It comes on the market in different sizes and styles. If you are on the journey of spending the weekend going the errand, you can take a canvas tote bag for carrying the heavier load. For a casual day out with friends and family, a lightweight tote bag is perfect for choosing. Lather based tote bags are mainly used for the office.  These bags come in stunning looks and add an extra complement with your outfit. These bags are sometimes considered expensive than others.

Clutch bag:

This bag is a perfect option when you are in the mood for spending time in a friend’s home or going to attend a date with the partner. This type of bag comes in different color and texture that suits your outfit. When you are going to carry only your cash, cards lipstick or hand mirror and avoid a giant purse, the clutch bag is perfect for choosing.


 When you want to keep your arm free without compromising your fashion taste you can choose the cross body sling bag.  This item is really comfortable for carrying essentials and you can enjoy the freedom of movement. It is a healthier option than a backpack because the weight is distributed throughout the chest and shoulder was in the backpack you have to carry the weight in the back. Having a super cool design, you can easily adjust the height of the back. If you are going to travel or running errands, it is the best option for adopting.

The Hobo Bag:

If your destination is a weekend tour or gym, you can take a hobo bag for the outing. It comes in the crescent shape with a soft body that drooping downwards. These are designed as a durable product and have a large interior space that easily lessens the daily suffering. You can find many shades in the market like burgundy or wine or lemon and peach. They are a very durable and spacious addition to your closet.

Leather Day Satchel Bag:


These bags are the first choice of fashion-forward ladies who run the world. This was invented for men parallel to a briefcase. But the latest design of satchel bag opts for the working class.  This bag comes in the market in different shades like ivory, tan, black and capable of store everything. For a formal look, it is advisable to avoid bags those have logos of company because it takes away the evergreen look from it. Choosing a right Leather Day Satchel Bag is not an easy task. It is recommended to take advice from an expert before buying it.

Always remember that every woman has her own style but her outfit helps her in expressing it in front of world and bags are the best addition to make her appear more fashionable.


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