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A Business Trip to the UK Yields Opportunities of Visiting A Few Tourist Spots

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An opportunity to visit the UK is special for all of us, and many of us would choose a unique and dazzling destination within the lap of nature! A spectacular nation like England is all about Wimbledon, British cultural events, rolling hills and castles. It is truly romantic and memorable to pick a get-a-way destination that is perfect.

With so many options and little time at hand, you might find it a bit difficult to choose your destination. You’re likely to experience a multicultural diversity as you travel through this group of islands. The travelling opportunities within the UK are just too many, from Wales and Scotland, past the verdant Emerald Isle to the gracious historic heritage of England. When it comes to choosing your destination, your companions won’t be disappointed irrespective of whether you choose to visit any specific island or all of the islands. There are a few unique places to visit on your trip to the UK. Let’s know a bit more on these places –

The Light keeper’s Cottage situated in Co Clare, Ireland

You’d love to play the role of a keeper to this graceful lighthouse cottage and the surrounding lights. In case you’re searching for a place wherein it’s just you and your companion in each others’ company and without any phone, TV or other modern amenities, then this one is just the right weekend spot for you. It’s certainly a pleasant experience while going back to nature and away from the bustling city life just to catch a glimpse of the vast Atlantic Ocean beyond the cliff.

Railway Cottage in Eype, Bridport

When you’re aiming at a romantic and cosy destination, your perfect destination is the charismatic railway cottage. It was in 1903, that this scenic locality was developed and then in 1921 it was renovated. The beauty of the coast offers a tranquil setting which seems just perfect for your long walk. You’re bound to carry the unique memory of your trip amid the presence of all amenities that you may require.

Unique Home Stays

Spending a few days at Unique Home Stays is not about getting inside an inn, motel and hotel. These luxury accommodations offer unique homes for your ideal tour. You may choose between a cottage located at the top of the hill and against the sea to any West Country manor. All over the United Kingdom, you’ll come across homes with vast surroundings and spectacular gardens around them. Unique Home Stays should hold the first place in your list of hotspots that offer splendour and luxury amid originality.

The House in the Clouds

It was in the 1920s that the House in the Clouds was built in Suffolk, and it was originally a water tower. Through all of its windows, you may achieve a great view of the picturesque land and ocean waters. You’d feel like being a prince standing by the beauty of nature while looking down the tower. Amid its sense of originality, this majestic house bears all modern amenities than turn your visit into a unique one compared with others’.

Thornbury Castle

You’d love to be treated as King at the graceful Thornbury Castle situated in the South Gloucestershire. Besides being treated as royalty, you’d love to walk through this spectacular castle with arms around each others’ shoulder. This castle was the home for King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn since 1511. Alongside its luxurious and dazzling accommodations, it bears rooms with great royal décor. Enjoying a stay gets warmer with large and fabulous fireplaces. Apart from enjoying an elite accommodation, you may earn an opportunity to celebrate your business meet with style.

All you need to do is to book your business trip in advance if you really wish to avoid rush. You can make the most of some travel discount coupons meant for booking your hotel and flight and ensure quality savings.


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