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An Interview with Archana and Vidur, the travel storytellers for Travelmynation.in

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A couple that has an incredible passion for travelling and sharing it with their audience. Setting sail in their own unique blogging journey is how they captivate the minds of young readers.

Who are the founders ofhttps://travelmynation.in/?

Archana and Vidur run Travelmynation. We are a couple and have been doing this for just above a year now

Where from did you get the idea of developing a travel blog?

We both had individually travelled extensively for years and together we had travelled for more than a year. We wanted to share our stories, the stories of those thousands of pictures we had on our phone, stories of those hundreds of places we had traveled to and stories of all those amazing and interesting people we meet on our journeys. Initially we started with posting 1or 2 pics on Instagram and when we noticed people asking us the stories behind those pics we started posting more. Soon we decided to become story tellers and hence started “Travelmynation”

Did anyone or anything inspire you to become a travel blogger?

Our own pictures and the response we got from our audience after posting every pic inspired us to become Travel bloggers.

Is your blogging journeymore challengingthanany other journey across India?

Blogging is definitely more challenging than any other journey we have embarked upon so far! The challenge we face every day is to create new, engaging and meaningful content for our audiences. The key to developing higher following lies in quality content and generating engaging content is definitely not an easy process. But we are so far successful in giving our audiences content that they can relate to and that’s the reason we have garnered good following on our blog as well as Instagram.

What isone easily identifiable USP of your travel blog?

What sets us apart from other bloggers is that we focus more on offbeat travel destinations. We usually do not cover main stream, tourist destinations that attract hordes of crowds but focus on lesser known or serene locations. Also, we generally don’t put up edited pictures on our blogs so that readers get an actual image of the places we travel to!

Would you like to share aunique travel experience with our audience?

On our trip to the Ladakh region, we had a surreal experience. Our host at Hotel TheKargil, Mr. Zaheer took us to an abandoned village called Hunderman. During the last Indo Pak war, the villagers had fled this border village, leaving behind all their belongings. Since then the villagers haven’t returned and now their homes have been turned into a museum. On the way to Hunderman, at a certain view point, we saw Pakistani Rangers posted along the border. Through our binoculars we could see them waving at us. On the mountain cliffs we saw Pakistani and Indian bunkers with the respective flags fluttering high above us. We had never experienced something as thrilling as this and it’s the best moment from our trip.

Isany investor supporting your blogging attempt?

Not at this moment but we would be happy if someone does invest. With funding we can cover more destinations, explore hidden gems of India and share amazing content with the world that promotes tourism in India

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Did you plan in advance to gain an initial traction?

Not really. As we kept posting we noticed more and more people joining us on our journey and enjoying them. Our audience would look forward to our posts and they would send us messages if any day we failed to upload any picture.

Do you follow any specific budgeting method for planning a tour?

Yes, we do. We believe in spending wisely and spending on the right things. We use tons of travel hacks to save money while traveling that you can read here and here

Doesany marketing technique or channelassist you for promotion?

Not really. Again, it’s all about good content!

Are you taking certainmetrics (Visitors and Revenue) into account of late?

No, we don’t look at numbers at all. It’s just been a year since we launched the site and our only focus is creating good content at the moment. We want our readers to discover more about the places we travel to through our site, learn some easy to follow travel tips and read interesting facts about cultures.

Would you like to share anything about your background?

Archana and I are both experienced professionals with over 25 years’ experience between us. We are both marketing MBA’s and have worked for organizations such as Dell, Lakme, Deloitte, Indigo Airlines, AXA etc.

How has travel blogging influenced your life?

Well for starters, since we blog a lot, we read a lot more nowadays. Going through various blogs and websites about India, we have become more aware of how beautiful our country is! There is just so much more to explore, so many cultures, stories and experiences to be had. And this has resulted in increased curiosity to discover more and more about the world in general.

Do you have any fresh travel plan in mind?

Yes, we have upcoming trips to Wayanad, Mysore, Kabini, Coorg, Hassan, Sirsi, Goa, Hampi, Rameshwaram and Kodaikanal planned for this year!

Would you like to throw a word of caution for thebudding travel bloggers?

Initially, we were too worried about our blog hits and how we would make revenue through the site. But we talked to a lot of established bloggers and realized that the obsession with numbers is a hyped phenomenon. The focus should always be on good content and everything else will fall in place. Budding bloggers should not expect success overnight – it’s a continuous effort and it takes time and patience!

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