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An Interview With Deelip Kushwaha – A Tech Blogger at Durgtech.com

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Deelip Kushwaha is an AdWords and Analytics certified, Who helps online business to perform better on the web with best solutions and advice. He is a founder of www.durgtech.com, a fastest growing technology blog in India. He is one of the youngest tech bloggers in India and he aimed to empower computer users to know various tips and tricks on digital world, which makes people’s internet life easier. He started his blog in February 2017 and has written 100+ articles so far.

I had a chance to interview him and pick his brain, and here we go:

Please introduce yourself to us.

I am a professional technology blogger and digital marketing specialist from New Delhi, India. I come from a technology background with an computer science engineering (CSE) degree from SMU.

I have worked with two telecom companies (known as BPO) for over 1.5 years in my professional life. I am currently working in a software development company. I have started part-time blogging as a hobby since February 2017.

I am working on multiple technology blogs as an author. i.e. for jeffbullas, Tech.co, Gizmodo, Tech in Asia, Lifehacker India and others. At present I am working aggressively on Durgtech.com: A directory of technology blog for everyone founded in February 2017. Our aim is to empower every computer user about various tips and tricks of digital world which can make our Internet life easier.

What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?

Deelip Kushwaha: Interesting Question

Well, A successful blogger has to provide information on everyday life aspects that your audience may not have known before. Provide opinions and facts that may not have been known before, but the overall idea is to provide information which is absent in mainstream/traditional media. Also, make attempts to be different from other bloggers.
A blogger can give best services to his readers such as: tips and tricks, attractive design, interesting adverts and rich and well led out tips and tricks to the readers.

Have you spent money on advertising and marketing your blog? (If yes, please tell us more about it)

I haven’t spent money on advertising and marketing for our blog.

How much did you invest upfront when you got started blogging? Where was it invested in?

My previous investments:

I just purchased the domain name and shared hosting from go daddy when I started my blogging journey and hired a dedicated content writer.

My current investments:

• Domain name
• Hosting (Cloud Based)
• Freelance Content Writing
• Freelance web designer and developer

It is always great to see your blog growing, what is your traffic generation strategy?

Good question, most of the people having same question in their mind. I mostly depend on search engine for my website traffics by doing onpage page and offpage optimization. At the same time, I started targeting social network website such as – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and others. After search engine, facebook and twitter are one of the top referring sites for Durgtech.com traffics.

What is the goal of your blog? If making money is the goal, what is your monetization strategy?

Blogging is a passion for me, the goal of my blog is to empower every computer user to know various tips and tricks on digital world, which makes your internet life easier. Making money is not a goal of my blog. I have launched our blog durgtech.com to help those who have trouble understanding technology in the digital world.

Where do you see yourself professionally in next 3-5 years?

Good question for any professional entrepreneur. Now I am a part time blogger and giving only 2 to 4 hours daily for my blog. Coming to your question, in next 3-5 years I want to become full time blogger and india’s no-1 tech blogger. I am planning to make our existing blog bigger such as TechCrunch and TechCrunch coming next 3-5 years.

One thing I see about you is that you always put in a lot of effort to make your blog a success, what is your motivation for this?

OMG! Akhilesh kumar vishwakarma, first of all, He is my best friend and taught me a lot. He is the first inspiration for me from the day I landed online. And another blogger who inspired me the most and still does is Harsh Agarwal form shoutmeloud.

Message for our readers?

Hello Readers!

As some of you may know, I cover latest technology, mobile, tips & tricks at durgtech.com. Our aim is to provide valuable insights to readers to ensure they know everything in digital world.

I would like to give advice to the readers, to become successful in any field. You must have passion, concentration, positive attitude, hard work and good knowledge; because otherwise it takes too long to get better results. Last but not the least, I request to all my friends to give your feedback/suggestions for me at comment box to improve my piece of writing.

Looking forward to hearing back from all of you!

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