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Blogger Insider: Interview with Mariyam from Beautyholic

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Mariyam, the beauty blogger from

In today’s blog post, CouponsJi relishes the privilege of interviewing Mariyam, the well-known beauty blogger. A mere 21 years old girl swayed by her passion for writing started this blog in the year 2015. She shot into popularity for her honest reviews and genuine guide to healthy skin.

1. Let’s start from the beginning. How do you get into the realm of beauty blogging? What inspired you to start a blog?

I knew nothing about beauty blogging until three years ago when I searched online for a review before purchasing an eyeliner. I liked how every little detail was explained well. They way the bloggers explained took me on an imaginary trip of the product. I also noticed that reviews were helpful to people who aren’t sure about a product, so I thought why not review them myself and give more honest insight. So there I started at 2015 with my beauty blog.

2. We have observed a remarkable increase in engagement with the beauty bloggers nowadays. How well-liked beauty bloggers like you transforming the cosmetic industry?

The first step is sharing an honest experience. Product details are necessary like where to buy them from, price, ingredients, etc. do matter. Then I list pros and cons and finally conclude it with a final take on the products.

Mariyam the beauty blogger tells her story to inspire the girls out there dreaming to start a blog
Beauty Blogging, the Rising Trend

3. What’s Your Current Favorite Skin Care Items?

My skin is one of the trickiest ones, oily/and acne-prone. I am cautious about the products I use. During the summer, nothing stays on my skin. A little heat is enough to melt down my whole makeup. I follow a regular CTM routine. My products are usually a foaming face wash, a soft toner, gel-based moisturizer, and a lightweight sunscreen. My love goes towards natural and organic skincare products. Right now, I love Inatur Sun Spray, Clearclin skin toner and serum by Unloc.

4. What’s a typical day in the life of Mariyam?

Right now, it’s just college, assignments and some outings. I wake up at 7, get ready for the college, attend classes, hang out with few close friends, have hearty lunch. My nighttime is usually spent on blogging and researching about how better I can serve my audience.

5. Often brands struggle to find the proper beauty bloggers to promote their products. How can a brand find the ideal beauty blogger who is appropriate for their ethos and enable to reach the target market?

The first thing a brand should look for is the content. Hands down, content is king. A high-quality content with a lot of dedication is better than an Instagram account with thousands of followers but no substance to it. Secondly, they should consider the way a blogger promotes the product in the most honest manner. I have seen many bloggers on Instagram with a huge following, but they lack honesty, clarity, and essence of their work. It’s not just about posing with the products but using it thoroughly to come up with an honest take on the product.

6. What are the makeup tips you would like to give our readers?

I always focus on having a great skin before you put the makeup on. Don’t ever put it on the irritated or pimple-prone skin. Look for the makeup essentials that are suitable for your skin type. For example, for dry skin look for a moisturizing or hydrating foundation whereas for an oily skin pick the one which has mattifying, oil-free effect. Don’t try everything that newly launches, use your already existing product for enough time to see how it fares on your skin.

7. What’s your best experience as a blogger that has left you cheerful?

As a blogger, I sometimes receive appreciation from some people, and that actually makes me feel good. The idea of helping others in some way makes me feel good. I always try to be honest with my readers when it comes to sharing my experience with particular products or experiences, and I want to be known for this credibility.

Eager to know more about Mariyam? Visit https://thebeautyholic.com/


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