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Budget-friendly gift ideas for International Women’s Day – Take your woman by surprise

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Gifts that are bought for the purpose of International Women’s Day need not be pricey or luxurious, it’s all about surprising and exciting your favorite and closest ladies and letting them know that you’re extremely happy to have them in your life and that you treasure their existence. With this special occasion coming every year, you might be falling short of ideas as to what you should give them on this day. Moreover, when you have a crazy economy and a tight budget to deal with, it is more important to know about some of the most pocket-friendly gifts to give your woman on Women’s Day. Women’s Day falls on the 8th of March and although we believe that there can be no single day to appreciate the contribution of women in this world, yet, let’s take a look at few reasonable and affordable gifts to gift a woman on this day.

 Flowers: Flowers have always been one of the most conventional and a usual gift for International Women’s Day and the best thing about this gift is that it doesn’t seem to bore women. Though it may be a clichéd gift, yet it is special. It’s comforting and cute. A woman usually lives a very normal life and yet she knows that she will receive tons of flowers on this day like a celebrity. Get a pressed flower arrangement done or a potted plant and get it done a few days before the actual W day so that you can avoid high prices.

 A movie or some empowering book: Majority of the women out there know very well what this day indicates but very few of us have time to think about the role of women and how they’ve changed the image of women since the previous years. Could we even list 10 historically relevant ladies without having to Google their names? So how about surprising your woman not with a makeup palette or perfume but with some good movie or a book? Gift her knowledge.

 Party invitations only for ladies: Are you someone who wants to outdo yourself? If answered yes, there one unusual thing you can go on this International Women’s Day and that’s treating all your favorite and close women. Try and organize a potluck style dinner or lunch party where only women are allowed and ask them to bring whatever they please so that the pressure is not on you alone. Provide entertainment, drinks, food and leave it on them to complete the show.

 Handmade things: You can check out DIY websites in order to know how budget-friendly and unique handmade things can be and once you know how to make them, you’ll never have problem in choosing Women’s Day gifts ever again. From home decor items to iPhone cases, there are so many things you can choose to make.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is desperately looking for ideas to please and impress your woman on Women’s Day, make sure you follow the above mentioned ideas in 2017.


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