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Fashion essentials for a girl’s college wardrobe

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Fashion essentials for a girl's college wardrobe

When you first step up in the college, you have to manage yourself with stylish, comfortable and sustainable lifestyle. You need to cope up changing trends, at the same time you have to stay away from the old unbearable dresses. If you chose the classic easy-to-go style you don’t look less than a Diva. So if you are ready to invest lump sum money for long-term, give a look at the following list of wardrobe essentials.

A pair of comfortable jeans:-

Jeans are the basic essential of college girls’ wardrobe. You need to find a trendy style of jean that suits you best and you stock up 2-3 similar pairs. You can rotate these through the week or even rotate the same piece twice.


Next to jeans are leggings. It comes in versatile texture so you can almost pair them with any kind of top. Leggings are very comfortable to wear. Legging can give you an overall stylish look. You can use leggings in both western and Indian outfit.  Mono-colored leggings are used with Kurtis and Anarkali kameez.

T-Shirts :-

t-shirts are something that you cannot skip.  Be it simple or funky designed, it should be a mandatory essential of college wardrobe. Take hold of a collection of different kind of t-shirt that can range from simple round to v necked. Having a wide range of versatility, it can match with any kind of bottoms like jeans or shorts.


The top is the next essential of the hit list. You can easily wear a dressy top under a jacket or itself along with jeans or leggings. It will give a stunning look. You can use crop tops for the more casual look. Being a college girl you should avoid extremely deep cut necklines and see-through tops.


Kurtis are most basic apparel to Indian lady. A knee-length kurti with jeans or leggings gives an authentic look to a college girl. You can use long Anarkali or fusion styled loose kurtis.  Kurtis are comfortable, versatile, and cost-efficient besides meeting your budget.

Some essentials are described here just to make your entire college journey convenient and stylish. You may check out a huge collection of modern outfits while visiting the e-commerce portals. You may even save much out of pocket by placing your orders online with the help of some valid discount coupons codes for fashion items.

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