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How Kerala Flood Brings Out the Subdued Human Kindness?

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The incessant downpour has devastated Kerala making more than 2 Lakh people homeless and taking more than 300 lives. While Keralites are amidst the difficulty in surviving and pulling them through this natural calamity, several business honchos and film stars are proactively coming with financial aid for the affected people. While these kind gestures deserve sincere appreciation, some extraordinary poignant stories and news of human kindness surfacing and promulgating on the internet and print media are moving us. Here we have jotted down some of the heart-rending stories as we believe such unsung sagas of these good Samaritans should be disseminated more and more and in future, it serves as a source of inspiration for the coming generations.

  1. UAE Official Promised to Provide Aid of 700 Crore

According to the news published in indiatimes.com, the UAE government has proactively offered a donation of Rs. 700 Crore to alleviate the devastating situation of flood-affected Kerala and Chief Minister of the state Mr Pinarayi Vijayan has confirmed the news. Besides this, the Vice President of the UAE, Mr Sheikh Mohammed also urged to his countrymen to share their part for the ill-fated citizens. This utterly unanticipated contribution appears as a stroke of light in the darkness of a clouded sky; such a lump sum amount will certainly help in the rebirth of Kerala.

As per the latest development, UAE has promised to donate Rs 700 crore towards flood relief in Kerala.
  1. Women Denied to Leave Home without Dogs

Whenever a major upheaval hits us we run for a safer place along with our beloved ones as their existence complete us, but in a rare incident a Kerala woman named Sunitha refused to leave flood-stricken area without securing the life of 25 abandoned pet and stray dogs and even sent back the rescue team as they weren’t able to help the poor animals. She is from Thrissur district that has experienced the cruellest face of the flood. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief when an animal welfare group came into the spot for their rescue. However, many others were seen carrying their pets along with them leaving behind valuables.

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3. Elderly Persons are Carried in Shoulder

Various images have turned up in the digital platforms where elderly people are carried on chairs and stretchers by others. Instead of dealing with the constant fear of electrocution by live wires, venomous creatures and ceaselessly rising water these persons have never held their helping hand. Leaving behind personal comfort these distressed folks have come out to help people who are more vulnerable in the catastrophic hand of such calamitous events.

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  1. Merchant Donates His Entire Stocks for the Victims

A blanket merchant from Madhya Pradesh, Mr Vishnu Kachhawa donated his entire stock for the relief program in Kerala. He bought 50 blankets with the dream and aspiration of a better life, these were his last resort to make a living. However observing the plight of his fellow countrymen, he sacrificed those resources for the welfare of Kerala. Even the officials present in Iritty taluk office of Kannur’s were left dumbstruck with his decision. They all tried to dissuade them from taking such action but he was unyielding to such advice. Will you remember his sacrifice?

Vishnu, merchant, kerala flood, rescue, relief operation, Kerala flood relief operation
Vishnu the blanket Merchant from MO donates his entire stock, 50 blankets for Kerala Flood Relief Program
  1. Pregnant Women with Broken Amniotic Sac Airlifted with Immediate Care

Sajita Jabeel was seeking urgent care amidst the unfolding tragedy of Kerala as her water bag ruptured suddenly. Navy was summoned in the hamlet of Aluva in Ernakulam District after she went into labour and without making any delay Captain P Rajkumar & his team started for the rescue. A video is being circulated on the internet where you can see how pushing his life into risk the official rescued the lady. The lady has given birth to a healthy baby merely an hour later the rescue operation. The eagerness to help and quick action of the army personnel have paved the way for a new life to this earth.

  1. Journalist Calls Off Daughter’s Engagement Ceremony

Mr. Manoj, Deshabhimani Daily’s resident editor cancels the engagement ceremony of her beloved daughter to donate the entire money for the betterment of the state that has succumbed to water. This logical Indian has taken a phenomenal step for the sake of society, while with their persistent remarkable actions the Indian Army is winning our hearts, civilians such Mr. Manoj is engraving a place in our heart. The netizens of India can’t stop applauding his attempt as he hasn’t only sacrificed but also inspired others to bequeath aid.

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Kerala Needs Your Help















Starting from online retailers like Amazon, online wallet companies like PayTm, satellite and cable television channels have taken commendable steps to reinstate God’s own country. Generous People with strong personal values are donating for this noble cause and as per the latest report Paytm has collected Rs.30 Crore from their 12 lakh uses for the relief fund. Every Rupee makes a difference in the refurbishment, bestow your part today with Paytm.

We all own some special set of skills, some heals scars, some heal minds, some of us destroy to make a new one, and some of us destroy to instigate the chaos, our peroration can make and break a people, a community. At the end of the day, it depends on us how we can contribute to make a better world, fill it with love and merriment.

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