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Impact of fashion shows on fashion trends and brands

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Nowadays, fashion shows are the most common medium for the designers to show their designing dresses. All fashion enthusiastic and professionals follow these fashion shows to be informed about the latest and trendy designs on the fashion industry.

In the first era of the fashion industry, designers had to show their new designs to the client through sketches. They used the fashion dolls to array upcoming styles and design. This process was applicable not only in dress but also in jewelry and even in hairstyle.

The dolls were the one and the only medium to illustrate the new upcoming design.

In the Second Era of the fashion history, the fashion dolls were replaced by the idea of the living mannequin. Mr. Charles Worth had shared the idea of a living mannequin, while his wife modelled his creation in his own salon. It was 1911 when living models were used in the earliest fashion promotions by the retailers and manufacturers.

The Modern Era is habituated with the fashions shows with stunning models, cat work and live telecast on television.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the impact of the fashion shows in the fashion industry.

 Fashion trends:

Fashion shows are organized to throw a light on the seasonal collections. Everyone can use those apparels to enjoy a comfortable day. Fashion shows are the very effective platforms where designers can present their best image to the whole world.

 Social platform:

Fashion shows are the strongest platform to create awareness among common people. Big fashion events are covered by media and newspaper. So it is very easy to spread any social message publicly to the society.

Impact on people’s life

All can’t afford designer’s clothes but it is fact that the small brands follow the designs those are displayed in the fashion shows. From gym wear to the nightwear every design is influenced by the trends adopted by the fashion’s show. Nowadays many popular brands vend many fashion discount codes to clutch the local market.

An opportunity for designers:

Buyers come from different part of the world to attend the fashion show to buy the clothes in bulk for their stores. So the fashion shows are the most convincing platforms for the new and young designers to display their worth in front of the top merchant in the fashion industry. Cat work the best way to display, dresses are looked more tempting in the well-maintained carved body of the models.

So for the designers, fashion shows are the great opportunity to grab fame, money and business.

Opportunity for models:

Apart from designers and brands, the fashions shows are the great opportunity for the models. Models can earn fame, name, and money by taking part in the ramp walk in the fashion shows.  So the newbie models depend upon the fashion show to get the first break in their career.

Besides of being a good platform to show new idea independently in public and gain confidence through ramp walking, Fashions shows in India attract the international buyers to the Indian traditional clothes and increase the GDP in Indian Economy.


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