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Indian Restaurants that Serve Social Messages

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In a highly competitive, multifaceted and complex industry where business savvy people are fiercely competing to attract more customers making artistic styles, delicious cuisines their fortes, some true trailblazers have emerged in culinary business to render social messages. In an industry that is so affected by trends, stylish interiors, they aspire to reform society and challenge some longstanding false conception.

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A Click with staffs of Cafe Arpan

Café Arpan – Where Intellectual Disability Is The strong Suit of Employees

Café Arpan exemplifies the pinnacle of human kindness, they appoint developmentally challenged adults to manage the kitchen and service, this endeavour of Yash Charitable trust and some kind souls deserve acclamation. With their considerate step, they have created livelihood options for people with autism, Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy. In order to break the monotony, the staffs often switch roles according to the expertise and work for 5 hours shifts during the entire week. However, they all are trained in cooking and cleaning and more importantly friendly, sober and outgoing. They are gregarious enough to have a conversation with the guests and often sing to amuse them. Café Arpan is featured in Times of India for their phenomenal popularity and evidently the concept. When you visit the restaurant, don’t forget to share your experience on their bulletin board and Instagram with #cafearpan. They truly promulgate a persuasive social message with truly delicious snacks.

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Sheroes Hangout- Born Out of The Endeavor of Acid Attacks

Sheroes Hangout – Empowering Acid Attack Victims

Sheroes Hangout spells the fascinating story of some rebellious souls who decided to set a path-breaking benchmark and slap at the face of a patriarchal society where acid attack survivors experience grave disdainful demeanour. This restaurant is run by acid attack victims and presently they are operating two branches in Agra and Lucknow. Instead of succumbing to the situation and cruel fate they chose to spread awareness regarding the acid attack and buoy up themselves in this hyperinflationary scenario in India with a proper source of income. They serve mouth-watering Indian and Chinese food along with hot and cold beverages and desserts. These women come from different socio-economic backgrounds with a varied set of skill and intense zeal. Owing to the exceptional idea stemmed from some genius minds and scrumptious veg food at a pocket-friendly price, with no time Sheroes Hangout rose to fame. Answer to your social call by visiting here when you are in Agra or Lucknow and motivate them to rise to a great extent.

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Break Social Convention while having Drool-worthy Food

Third Eye Café – Where Smartest Minds Challenge Conventional Thinking

No matter, how long tirade you inscribe or how often you lecture on the mounting impact of social media but then again, you can’t disregard its advantageous and positive aspects. Without the presence of social media platforms, Third Eye Café of Navi Mumbai might have floundered to disseminate their story to such a huge number of people. The restaurant employs persons from the third gender to change the age-old, ingrained notion, scornful behaviour towards them and make people understand the importance of diversity as, transgender people experience employment discrimination in India even after having proper education. Presently six transgender people are working here, together with other staffs; these young people are intuitive, amiable and well-trained. They serve both mouth-watering Chinese and Indian dishes along with lip-smacking desserts and snacks, visit there or order online. Their concept and perception have made them distinguishable amidst the crowd of budding food joints; here imaginative, progressive minds come together leaving behind despicable social norms and conventional thinking and transgender people have come forward prevailing over their discomfiture.

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Seva Cafe – Where Your Bill is Already Paid

Seva Café – Celebrating the Spirit of Kindness

What if after having a delectable meal in a restaurant you come to know your meal is already paid, this will instantaneously fill your mind with happiness, right? In order to light up your day and inspire benevolence, the creative brilliance of the Jayesh Patel and John Silliphant has introduced the “pay-it-forward” concept.  It’s simple: relish each bite of the meal you have ordered and if you wish to bring a smile to someone’s face pay for the meal of the next guests. During their initial days they were skeptical about the success and sustainability as it encourages the guests to pay for the meal of a stranger and completely runs on donation, “chain of giving”, beyond belief they have received huge acclamation and donation as well. Besides food they serve the diners with a unique experience they won’t forget, expect expert service that exudes congeniality and warmth.

Instead of merely serving a delicious meal these restaurants are playing the role of crusaders by eradicating deep-seated fallacies and making the world believe that even people with Down’s syndrome, severe acid burn can carry out responsibilities as finely as a normal human being. Amid the neck-to-neck competition businesses like Seva Café, Café Arpan truly sing a song of satisfaction to our world, stir up the sense of generosity in us. Third Eye Café should be hailed for introducing such a ground-breaking concept and paving the way to a normal life for the transgender people.

Do you know a restaurant that serves such generous social message? Let us know in the comment section.

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