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Interview with GeetaShridhar for Couponsji

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Please start a bit by telling us about yourself.

Well, to begin with, I am a simple person who is willing to go all out, at a drop of a hat to help the less unfortunate and feed all. My service to mankind and philanthropic activities keep me happy and going. I love to eat and enjoy cooking. My break as a chef came through when I participated in the reality cooking show named, Masterchef India. My seamless love for food and feeding people became even more pronounced owing to the show. I was later encouraged to enlist all the recipes used on the show on my blog titled the Indian Food Express.

What is your most favorite regional cuisine and why?

Typically I enjoy South Indian food since I am an ardent and hard-core Tamilian. I savor Sambhar Sadam (Plain Rice and spicy lentil preparation completed with special homemade spices).  I believe that a lot of the South Indian dishes are still to come to the fore and to be savored by one and all. There are lots of dishes and ingredients used that remain unexplored. In fact what one avails at South Indian joints, is just the superficial aspect of the cuisine. Though Indian Food Express, I take South Indian cuisine a notch higher. It may interest you to learn that the enlisted recipes are entailed in a short jist enticing the youth of today to enter the kitchen and prepare a sumptuous South Indian meal in a jiffy. The same can also be translated into Tamil. I also have a Youtube link, that gives Tamilian viewers a graphic insight on what goes into the making of South Indian food.

Couponsji interview

If you invite any five people, from anywhere in your place over for dinner, who would they preferably be?

I would certainly invite Sanjeev Kapur, Ranvir Brar, Vikas Khanna, Rakhee Vasvani and last but not the least Gary Mehigan. I would cook them a typical South Indian meal, and I am certain they will find themselves savoring every bit of it. Yes, indeed they have had the food prepared by me and have cherished the same too.

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What made you decide to start your site?

The Indian Food Express witnessed its advent on the very completion of the Masterchef India season. My daughter encouraged me to enlist all the recipes I used on the show to make this blog come alive. Over a period of time, I have added an array of unique ingredient combinations giving South Indian Cuisine the required edge. I also review restaurants around the city, and in various parts of the country. I also enjoy going to restaurants around the world and learning of the local cuisines and diet followed by the locals. The cultural exchange in food fascinates me the most.

Give your Top 4 Food blogs that inspire you the most?

Some of the blogs I am inspired by are Mumbai Foodie Blog, Subbu’s Kitchen, Padhu’s Kitchen, and last but not the least Masterchef Mom.

How would you describe your site to new readers?

My site serves as an ideal platform for any food lover. Moreover, if you enjoy South Indian dishes then Indian Food Express is the place to be. Enlisted restaurant reviews serve as perfect insights to all those who enjoy hopping to different restaurants from time to time.

What is your take on organic food, is it a big deal for you?

Yes indeed I am big on organic food, and to encourage my readers to take onto chemical-free agricultural produce. It is seemingly expensive at present however with growing popularity the prices of organic foods are expected to drop too. The consumption of organic food serves as a direct passport to good health and a life free of any lifestyle ailments including diabetes, blood pressure and many more.

You try a new recipe and it does not turn out good, what will you do?

My recopies work all the time. I cater to a variety of taste buds, and I am certain it appeals to many and most.

Message for our readers?

I strongly suggest that readers follow The Indian Food Express Blog. They should like, comment, share and subscribe too! Please also watch our Youtube link for more details on South Indian cuisine.

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