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Interview with Manu Arora for Couponsji

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1.Who are the founders of commoncelebrity.com?

The portal was started by me (Manu Arora) along with my friend Dipesh Chander. Dipesh is currently pursuing his passion in photography @DCPhotography.

2. How did the idea of blogging come to your mind?

Shift to Corporate world from college life is like two different worlds. The demands of professional life and a time bound environment leave you strapped for time to explore passions. This change is inevitable and managing Fitness/Health with a 9 to 6 sedentary routine is a tough job. This thought of management brought me into the world of Blogging where I started sharing and assembling thoughts from around the globe on how people manage work-life with Fitness. From Mothers to

Couponsji Interview

3. Brief about the fitness and lifestyle industry.

Fitness and Lifestyle industry is evolving towards Consumerism and Technology. Competition has substantially reduced the cost of activities among the fastest-growing part of the fitness industry. Low-cost clubs help make it easy for people to access fitness, and while there is no service offered, they do fill the demand for almost half of the exercising population at this moment

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4. Did you face any challenges with your blogging attempt?

Marketing your blog and getting you heard is the toughest part of the job. You are competing with picture perfect models who are captivating to your eyes. But the reality varies when we imitate people who are professional fitness models are earn their living from the same.

5. What’s your USP?

Media consultant by profession, I share ideas that are feasible from financial and personal point of view.In a life which consumes majority awake hours making livelihood you don’t wish to spend 2-3 hours on something that gives you no instant gratification. Its about getting the thought right.

Couponsji Interview

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6. Are your attempts backed by investors?


7. How did you achieve your initial traction?

Traction came for relatability. When we imitate fitness models with starvation diets and rigorous workout routines we are destined for failure. As professionals in different fields our aim is to maintain basic fitness which involves avoiding sedentary lifestyle injuries, staying energetic and active at work, while enjoying our life to the fullest. Working on excel sheets for 9 hours a day or sitting in client meetings 5 hrs. a day my intent to workout is only to look good and presentable, not to flaunt my abs on a magazine cover page.

Couponsji Interview

8.What are your favourite fitness techniques?

Active engagement in Field Hockey. I personally since childhood have been engaged in the game of field hockey and till date intend to live it till my last breath. It’s about finding passions and living those to the fullest.

9. Do you use any marketing techniques and channels?

Major source of our user engagement is through Blog for detailed content and Twitter for social media engagement. Reaching out to your audience in 140 words (now 280) makes you reach to the exact niche who understand the essence of the content.

Couponsji interview

10. What fitness tools do you recommend?

Yoga and Resistance training, gets you at the top of your game. What the industry shoots at us on media platform is the reality from a financial point of view. View Health and Fitness as a marathon not a sprint. Our


11. Tell us a few things about your background.

I am a media consultant by day and a limit pushing freak by early morning and night. I bleed field hockey and love Ms.Excel(quite a choice). Lifestyle Blogger, Field Hockey MIDFIELDER, Health Nut, Fitness Freak,Corporate Professional; sharing ideas to help time strapped individuals balance work and life.

12. What are your future plans?

I wish to shift the public mindset of Fitness from fads to reality. We are getting driven by marketing gimmicks and not reality or essence of health.

13. Name any two:

a) Fitness Experts or Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who inspire you: Luciana Aymar, FrankMedrano
b) Lifestyle or Fitness Blogs that you read: Menshealth, Juliabuckeyfitness
c) Advertising platforms that you use: Twitter, Linkedin

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