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Interview with Meghna & Anudeep from “The Mean Wardrobe”

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Meghna and Anudeep are Fashion Graduates from NIFT, who tasted success by sharing their sense of individualistic aesthetics on their blog. Both of them are truly passionate about checking the versatility of various style and fashion modes for their target audience. Besides being inspired by the idea of creating a gender-neutral fashion trend, they believe in the fact that style is classy and permanent!

Would you get started a bit by tell us about yourself?

Our Blog, The Mean Wardrobe was started by Meghna Govindaraju and Anudeep Baidya. We both are Fashion Graduates from NIFT-National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad. We work together, but have our own individualistic aesthetic, merged together in our blog.

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What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up to date on the fashion industry?

For us, Fashion needs to be personal to any individual. Fashion fades, but style is eternal, meaning that by bringing your own style to a fashionable look, you give the look substance. Our main inspiration comes from some of the top bloggers in the country and even worldwide, depending on how interesting their feed is, and if it is relatable to our own aesthetic.

What would you say is the major difference between Indian and Western style?

Most trends trickle down from Western countries, and we Indians merge it with our own style and create fusion wear. We think the major difference would be how versatile our mode of fashion and style is. Western Fashion is all about silhouettes, but Indian fashion goes deeper into surface work, and embellishments.

At the moment, are there any certain trend/style are you loving?

We currently love the semi-formal looks, and a lot of layering. We try to team every look with a trendy jacket. And we love to team our looks with a pair of classic brogues or stylish board room shoes for both him and her.

Can you tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start it?

Our Blog, The Mean Wardrobe is a Fashion & Lifestyle Blog that caters to both men’s and women’s fashion. We were inspired by creating a gender neutral base for Fashion, the name stands for what Fashion “Means” to us. The name is an abbreviation further broken into me & an, that stands for Meghna & Anudeep.

Do advertisers send you sample of their goods to feature?

Yes we have worked with numerous numbers of brands. We choose brands that share our aesthetic and mostly products that are limited but not restricted to clothing, grooming essentials, makeup, accessories etc. We receive their products and give an honest and positive review and feature them on our blog and social handles @themeanwardrobe

Where do you find inspirations for your blog post?

Everywhere around us! As creative students we have been taught and believe that inspiration can be found anywhere. We mostly keep it simple and relatable and take inspiration from trends and looks that are currently popular.

What’s your next fashion must have?

Fashion Must-haves I must say, because in fashion you can’t limit yourself to just one. Accessories are mandatory to complete any look so yes that’s our fashion must have.

Message for our readers?

We believe that everyone has their own sense of fashion and style. Always keep your style genuine and unique to your aesthetic and you will find your look. Your aesthetic should be personal to you. And fashion should be a way of expression of your own style and personality.

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