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Interview with Oindrilade.com for Couponsji

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CJI interview

What things actually inspired you to start a travel blog?

Writing was one of my passions since childhood. I would often write on my personal blog before I started the travel blog. After I began working in the corporate world, I would spend my holidays and earnings on trips. Some of my colleagues suggested I should write about my travels, and that’s how my travel blog – Oindrila Goes Footloose (oindrilade.com) was born.

CJI interview

Did you meet with any challenge while creating your blog?

I had a few challenges to sort out after my blog was up and running. I experimented a bit with the design themes, fonts and colours to ensure the text was easy to read (after I saw a workmate struggle to read my blog on her PC). I received a lot of feedback on the content and fine-tuned my writing style and photography to improve the experience for my readers.

CJI interview

Do you have any unique travel experience to share with our readers?

I have a trekking experience from 2016 which still gives me goosebumps every time I recall it. 4 friends and I had hiked up to Dhak Plateau in Karjat, Maharashtra one rainy, foggy July afternoon. After spending a couple of hours exploring abandoned patches of wilderness, we realized we were lost, with no mobile coverage and only a packet of biscuits and a bottle of water amongst all 5 of us. We were supposed to descend the same day, but the inclement weather rendered it impossible for us to find our way back. We took shelter in a broken, deserted hut and managed our drinking water from a nearby stream. That night was the scariest night of my life. The rain and wind were beating down our dilapidated shed and creepy-crawlies troubled us as we waited for the sun to come up. Even next morning, we struggled to find any sight of humans who would help us out of the plateau. After several hours of calling out for help, we saw a group of local trekkers walking towards us from the clearing mist. They were like angels who guided us back to the base.

CJI interview

Which is your favorite travel hotspot?

Almost all of Europe, especially the Old Towns, is my favourite. I love how easy it is to navigate the little towns and cities, even on foot. The cobbled streets, rich heritage, lovely weather, grand architecture, delectable food and the overall diversity of those places never fail to charm me.

CJI interview

Which is the most overrated destination for a globetrotter?

I personally feel big cities are overrated, mostly because I prefer sparsely populated villages and destinations abundant in nature as compared to concrete jungles.

CJI interview

What are your key necessities for long-duration trips?

For long-duration trips, I try to keep the plan open-ended. Over-planning should be avoided as you discover a lot of interesting lesser-known things to do only once you reach the destination. From a budget perspective, it helps to find a comfortable place to stay and have your own kitchen. This also gives you the freedom to replicate local dishes and sample various local produce without having to eat out every time. Also, remember to buy a good medical insurance and keep your basic meds with you.

CJI interview

Do you write for connecting with fellow travelers? Or do write merely for fun?

I write primarily to share my travel experiences with the world. That invariably brings me in contact with fellow travelers looking for specific advice or tips on planning their own trips. That said, I always enjoy the process of writing and it helps me relive the journeys.

CJI interview

What turns your blog so unique and why should our readers follow it?

Apart from my articles on places, cultures and food, I also write about my running experiences in different countries. I am a “runcationer” who often combines her vacations with long distance runs. Marathons are a great way to explore new places on foot. The readers get an insight into the joys of running and training before a run.

Do you have some tips to share with other aspiring travelers?

To all aspiring travelers, my first tip is to be fearless. We often dwell too much on the terrifying news articles we read about the places we wish to visit. A new country feels a lot like your own home once you lose your inhibitions and interact with the locals. Another trait that helps to adapt to new cultures, tastes and climates is to be flexible. If you lose rigid preconceived notions and embrace indigenous ways of life everywhere you go, you’ll be happier on your journeys.

CJI interview

Which global destinations would you like to visit next?

Africa is big on my travel-list! I particularly wish to visit Ethiopia and Kenya for their cuisines and mountains.

Have you gained any insight from travel blogging?

Travel blogging has made me more reflective. Every time I sit down to write an article, I realize that I keep changing with every new destination I visit. There is so much that I learn from the locals – new ways of raising a family, new languages, the importance of community relations and a lot more!

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