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Interview with Shital Bhatiya from KitchenKatta

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What is your take on organic food, is it a big deal for you ?

A. For me anything natural is important. So in that aspects organic food are surely important as they reduce your exposure to pesticides and preservatives. Organic or not, one should also ensure to eat local produce as much possible as they are fresh and more suitable to local environment and eventually to your body.

Do you time your breakfast, lunch & dinner or eat when you are hungry?

A. As I work full time and have no time flexibility almost all day is timed! But yes when it comes to meals, I prefer eating on time. This way your body also develops a rhythm and you avoid emotional eating. Also instead of going for crash meals on the go, I prefer eating homemade breakfast and dinner and even lunch as much possible even if I am away from home.

What inspired you to write a food blog?

A. Since childhood I had seen my mother and grandmother cook delicious food and unique dishes. Somewhere I felt a genuine need to document these traditional treasures and I used to have a diary of recipes. With easy access to digital world I decided to digitise these recipes so that my kid gets easy access to it. But then my husband encouraged me to blog it so that it will reach even more people and around the world. So if you see my blog www.kitchenkatta.com is mainly about traditional recipes with readily available ingredients and local food!

You try a new recipe and it does not turn out good, what will you do ?

A. I do a lot is study before trying new recipe, so failure rate as such is very low 🙂
Generally my husband tries my new recipes first and he is really great and giving precise improvement ideas on it.
So far I have not had disastrously bad dish and hence whatever it is we finish that 🙂

Name three ingredients you consciously avoid or eliminate even when the recipe calls for it ?

A. As I mentioned I am very cautious about natural and local food, so food colours are strictly not used in my any recipe. Secondly it’s MSG and next ones are artificial preservatives!Even when buying outside items, I prefer items without food colours and MSG.

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What’s the best and worst thing about being a food blogger?

A. Cooking is absolute stress buster and it acts like therapy to me, so best thing about being food blogger is I enjoy every little step associated with blogging the recipe! Through www.kitchenkatta.com and my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/kitchenkatta/ I also get to connect with many readers and foodies which is also a happy top up of being food blogger. I am also looking forward for further collaboration opportunities through this.

I won’t call it worst, but I would call it strange thing is when people surprisingly ask me if I cook food twice a day? Interestingly they think I only cook what I blogged about!! 🙂

If you could just banish any one food, from the earth, what would it be?

A. I strongly believe “you are what you eat”. So the food you consume affects your overall wellbeing and in turn your moods. So we should always try eat satvik food which is tasty as well healthy.

Every food is important in its own way but one thing I would like to banish is plastic food packaging which steals away goodness of food especially in case of hot preparations.

What’s the one super power wish you have?

A. Every person in world get to sleep with full stomach and satisfied senses!!

Message for our readers?

A. Respect whatever you have on your plate. Every time you get to eat something think of those hundreds underprivileged. Eat fresh and local food as much possible and try your hand at cooking! Trust me it is fun!

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