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Interview with Sunrita Dutta from Spiceitupp.com

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Sunrita is an ardent foodie and writer, who spices up your taste buds with regional cuisines and fusion recipes. Understanding the very basics of spices and combining them in the right proportions have helped her create healthier and more inexpensive food options. Her recipes help strike an emotional and psychological balance by stimulating your culinary senses.

Please start a bit by telling us about yourself.

I am Sunrita Dutta, an Indian heart living in the western world! I like to introduce myself as:

A paranoid Mum – I worry about everything concerning my kids from an odd sneeze to hiding anything green in their food even if it’s chicken nuggets coating for the sake of nutrition 😊

A deranged Wife – I can drive any sane man nuts by arguing why knowing what the monthly payouts are less important than keeping the sugar jar IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

A Spice Fanatic – As if the two points above were not enough of absurdity, I like to add a dash of spice even to a spoonful of ketchup just for kicks!

And so to put my life into perspective, I started channeling my thoughts trying to find ways to make kitchen life easy and simplify spices and Indian cooking, considered a complex and time-consuming cuisine through my blog www.spiceitupp.com.

What is your most favorite regional cuisine and why?

I love Bengali Cuisine, for the obvious reason that I am a Bengali and I love the subtle delicacy and simplicity of dishes most made with a handful of whole spices (Paanch Phoron) and pungency of mustard paste!

Keeping partiality aside, I also enjoy the aromatic Mughlai and Kashmiri cuisine. The sheer understated robustness of a finely balanced taste is tantalizing to the taste buds.

If you invite any five people, from anywhere in your place over for dinner, who would they preferably be?

Given an opportunity I would like to invite the following 5 people for a cozy comfy dialogue packed dinner:

1. My Nephew – A 21-year-old boy, who loves his meat and is a delight to be fed.
2. My Daughter – An 8-year-old taste picker, who in her own polite little way will voice her opinion on mt culinary expectations especially when it’s not to her liking.
3. My very Portuguese friend who hates everything Spicy and Hot – It’s my challenge to get him to change his mind about Indian food!
4. Chef Vikas Khanna – I love the kindness and forever smiling face and feel there would be so much to learn from him.
5. Actor Salman Khan – Heard he is a foodie and loves his Biriyani (just like me) and a handsome celebrity face on the table would definitely take other peoples mind off any fault in flavors! 😊

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What made you decide to start your site?

I love to eat and enjoy cooking as long as it does not involve long standing hours in the kitchen. So I resorted to inventing my own little shortcuts to cooking, especially when it came to Indian food as it is the most loved cuisine in our house.
And soon realized that I did not need to depend on ‘quick and easy’ recipes and follow instructions or make numerous trips to the supermarket to buy specific ingredients to cook for my family every day.

All I needed was to understand the basics of cooking and the combination of spices and flavors.That is when I turned from being an Instructional cook to an Intuitive cook making my life in the kitchen so much easier and fun.

The blog is an extension of me documenting my cooking shortcut, demystifying Indian cuisine and sharing with my readers how the appropriate use of spices can bring a flavourful expression to meal times and hence the name SpiceitUPP.

Give your Top 4 Food blogs that inspire you the most?

I enjoy reading the following websites:
The Kitch
Serious Eats
Monsoon Spice

How would you describe your site to new readers?

My blog is my humble attempt help spice and Indian food lovers overcome their hesitation of cooking with spices by stimulating their culinary senses and become an intuitive cook!
I share tips and recipes to effortlessly turn Boring food into Bold flavors using spices for better health and happy meal times!
I write informative and solution-based articles on topics like:
Indian Spices and its Benefits,
Cooking with Spices,
Simplifying Indian cooking,
Detailed Easy Recipes with Steps,

What is your take on organic food, is it a big deal for you?

I find organic food a bit overrated! Not all can afford it and there is too much emphasis on buying organic which I feel is more an emotional, psychological and social pressure as opposed to simple healthy eating.

I do buy organic food options for specific products, but am not too fussed about it as for me the ethical sourcing plays a much important quotient.

You try a new recipe and it does not turn out good, what will you do?

I try to make it again and learn from my mistakes or add my own flavors to it!

Message for our readers?

We all have busy lives to live and cooking is a human survival skill that everyone should at least attempt to learn, even if it’s boiling an egg ( which is pretty difficult to master BTW)

My advice to those who find cooking every day a challenge is to keep ingredients simple and use a pinch of spice to Spice UPP your meals!!

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