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Interview with TechTricksWorld.com For CJI

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Who are the founders of www.techtricksworld.com?

I (AtishRanjan) and ZainilDedhia are the founders of www.techtricksworld.com.

How did the idea of blogging come to your mind?

While I was in college, I used to moderate a forum that was owned by a friend of mine, and I used to share some tips and tricks in that as well as I had a passion to share tips and tricks. There I met Zainil when he posted some queries in the forum, and then he told me about starting a blog for sharing tips and tricks kind of articles. So, I started a blogpost blog, and that Zainil joined as an author as well. Gradually, it turned out to be good, and we moved the blog to the self-hosted domain and hosting. And, that passion for sharing something online turned out to be a good business for both of us.

Tell us a few things about your background.

As I said already, my name is AtishRanjan, and I am basically from Sitamarhi that is a small town in the Bihar state. After completing my 10th grade, I moved to New Delhi where I did further studies. I pursued BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application). I did job in the SEO industry for around 5 years,but finally, I quit thejob in 2015 and became full-time blogger cum marketer.

Did you meet with any challenges while attempting to create a blog for the first time?

Not much because when I started, I never knew that it would be a money-makingthing for me. I started to learn, and so, I kept on trying to create the blog and set that up. I found that easy to do. But, yes, when we had to move the blog from Blogspot to WordPress, it was tough for me since I was a novice. Then my friend DurgeshChaudhary helped me migrate the site. Durgesh is the same guy who had that forum which I used to moderate. So, not much challenges I faced while creating the blog.

Did you follow any specific method for choosing the domain name and title of your blog? Is there a story behind it?

No.No any methods because I was too new to think of methods to choose a domain name. I was not sure what I was doing is called blogging actually. I just knew that I am starting a blog where I can write something and publish. That was it. There is no story behind the domain name,but yes, since I thought to write about tips and tricks, I chose techtricksworld.com.Since techtricks domain name was not available that time. So, I added world, made it techtricksworld.

What’s the USP of your blog?

Informative content! 

Do you spend money towards marketing or advertising your blog?

No. Not for marketing this blog. The only money we invested in the Logo design, domain,web hosting, and getting some articles written. We only put up our hard work to run this blog.

What are your current metrics (Revenue and Viewership)?

We receive more than seventy thousand visitors every month currently, and the trend is going up. About revenue, that is not fixed. Few months we earn more and in some months less. Can’t say a specific number.

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What are the 3 key factors that one needs to remember while creating a successful blog post?

Research: You must research a lot about the topic that you are going to write. Because research makes your blog post more informative.

Grammar: You must write proper language so that readers can understand it clearly. No matter which language you are writing in, it must be grammatically correct.

Keyword research and placement: An extensive keyword research helps you find the best keyword which users search for finding specific problems. So, if you do proper keyword research, you can get those keywords, and then while writing sprinkle the keyword in the content evenly. That can help you rank better for those keywords in Google, and hence more visitors to your blog. Moreover, to rank well, you have to do more in the SEO such as good on page optimization, and proper link building.

What is the goal of your technology blog? Do you follow any specific monetization strategy?

The goal of the blog is to share useful content so that users can find solutions to their problems or issues. No, I don’t follow any specific strategy for monetizing my blog.

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