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Interviewing Agniswar & Amrita and Sharing The Tale of 2 Backpackers

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Tell us the reason why you started travel blogging

Our love for travel has taken us to various places. We have met many wonderful people and had amazing experiences that could have been only possible because of our travel. We thought it would have been a waste if we did not share our experiences with others. That is why we started our travel blog where we chronicled our travel tales. In the beginning it was only about our experiences, but soon we had readers asking us questions about various destinations. The appreciation we received inspired us to work hard and make the blog better and more informative. Sharing our thoughts and helping others were the prime motive behind Tale of 2 Backpackers.

What makes your blog stand out among others?

Tale of 2 Backpackers specializes in unique cultural experiences. We are always on the lookout for various cultural and tribal festivals that are on the verge of getting lost in the throes of time. We write about them so that people know about the rich cultural heritage of our country. And in this way we are also helping those people who are trying hard to keep their traditions alive.

In this endeavor, we have visited Tura in Meghalaya to witness the 100 Drums Wangala Festival, Kushamandi in West Bengal to see the Gomira masked dance and a few others. These festivals and art and crafts are beautiful and their stories need to be told, so that they do not get lost in the vagaries of time.

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What was your first trip and how old were you then?

Amrita: My first trip that I remember was when I was 2.5 years old. Along with my family, we had gone for a trip to Kedarnath and Badrinath. The memories of the place are mostly from the old photographs and the stories told by my father about how irritating I was then!

Agni: My first trip that I remember was going to Tezpur to my maternal uncle’s house.
For both of us, our first trip was at Mandarmani way back in 2010.

Do you prefer solo travelling instead of being in the company of others?

We both love to travel together. We both feel solo travelling is great and emancipating. It makes you realize your shortcomings and strengths. So if you ask us, we prefer the two of us travelling together. if not that, then solo travel is definitely the choice.

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Have you been to a destination that’s totally out-of-the-box?

Most of our destinations are out-of-the-box. We usually travel to offbeat places. Even in the known destinations, we seek unusual experiences. But if we have to name a place, it will be Mawlyngbna in Meghalaya.

Which is the oddest place that you had spent a night?

All the campsites at the Chadar Frozen River Trek were odd. When we decided to go for the trek, we knew what we were signing up for, but actually staying at camps over the ice and caves were really an experience for both of us. It was odd but in a good sense.

What is your favourite single dish of food while you’re travelling?

Maggi! We love to travel to the mountains and believe it or not, mountains and Maggi are a lethal combination. Apart from this, we also find great comfort in dry fruits and energy bars while travelling.

Have you been through any funny moment while on a tour?

Amrita: There are many and most of them are related to me. I usually keep falling down for no rhyme and reason and this always becomes funny moments during our travel.

There was this one really funny incident when we were going out of our homestay. I was wearing a knee-length skirt. Sometime later, Agni finds out that I was also carrying the towel along with the skirt! I had completely forgotten to remove the towel. Well, it was embarrassing for me, but on a lighter note, we found this hilarious and could not stop laughing for the day. Of course, Agni was teasing me about this in the entire trip.

What are your forthcoming travel plans?

Our next travel plans are to explore the northeast states of India. We are planning to visit Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland next.

Do you have any tips for aspiring travellers?

Travel as if no one is watching you. Travel for yourself and not for others. Travel is not about clicking the perfect selfies and posting it on social media. Enjoy the uncertainties and unexpectedness of travelling and you will definitely experience a new way of life. Start small, explore your own city, state and area. And do not forget to help others.

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