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Play an eco-friendly Holi – Save money and save the environment

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We all aware of the fact that joyous celebrations of Holi are performed to welcome Spring. Splashing water and applying colors is the real essence of this particular festival. The colors of Holi symbolize love, purity and fertility. The dangerous products of Holi and the chemical colors often lead to degradation of the environment thereby harming your skin, hair eyes and it also harms nature. This year, when you’re planning for a safe and secure Holi, 2017, take a pledge to protect the environment and celebrate eco-friendly Holi. Here are some tips that you should take into account in order to protect your environment.

#1: Play with Homemade colors

Turmeric, sandalwood and henna are few of the ingredients which are available in your kitchen and which can be used in order to make homemade colors. These few products have an amazing impact on your skin and if you can add jasmine, beetroot and marigold, this doubles the beauty quotient. You will also get organic colors in the market and make sure you add them to your Holi shopping in case you don’t have enough time to prepare your own colors. You may even use saffron and flower petals to get aromatic colors which smell good.

#2: Light diyas during Holika Dahan

We are familiar with this that burning of Holika usually marks the triumph of good over evil. It is on the eve of Holi that people collect wood, broken furniture in order to burn Holika and this signifies the victory of the good and the defeat of bad. This pyre is lit post sunset and people usually sing and dance around it. Now if you take a close look at this festival, you will see that this bonfire not only wastes wood but also leads to excessive pollution. So, if you could just light up diyas, you could make it an eco-friendly environment by saving trees.

#3: Preserve water and play dry Holi

You may not be able to celebrate an entirely dry Holi but you can definitely plan to reduce the usage of water and save it for some better purposes. There are many cities across the nation which faces scarcity of water and during such a time, if you waste water, that wouldn’t be ethical on your part. So, you may choose to celebrate dry Holi by using only organic colors.

#4: Use recyclable items and conserve nature and save money

The use of recyclable materials is always a better option in comparison to all those use-and-throw items which you can use only once. You can preserve those pichkaris and water guns can be definitely preserved for the celebration of next year. If you can recycle, this diminishes the negative impact on nature and also reduces the demand of such raw materials.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can celebrate an eco-friendly Holi, take into account the above mentioned tips and advices. Do your bit to save nature and also your pocket.


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