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R V Purusothaman – The Journey Of An Independent Fashion Blogger

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R V Purusothaman is an independent fashion blogger who has contributed fashion show reviews for one of India’s biggest fashion events – India Fashion Week in New Delhi. For him, blogging has been a journey full of challenges and opportunities to gain fresh inputs.He has been inspired by a few other bloggers like Ashima Gandhia besides being motivated by his readers. Continuing with his blogging journey for over 7 years now seems to be a great challenge for R V Purusothaman, that he overcame quite successfully!

1. Could you share a bit about how you got into blogging?

So the blog happened when I enrolled myself as a fashion design student at NIFT New Delhi. The blog was my digital diary where I could document anything and everything that inspired me as a fashion design student and it eventually evolved into my creative outlet where I voice my opinion on fashion, trends, art and culture.

2. You must have trudged through a number of ups and downs throughout your blogging journey. Did you experience any challenge?

There were way too many ups and downs throughout my blogging journey however the biggest challenge as most independent bloggers would admit is the longevity. Being an independent fashion blogger who hasn’t employed a team to write articles offers myriad of advantages like having a distinct personality to the blog. However, the blog often evolves with our own personality and a lot of hurdles like creative block and others issues come in way. I am happy that I was able to blog for more than seven years now. Carrying forward that consistency is probably the biggest challenge that I reckon.

3. Did you come across any turning point? What kept you motivated?

Within a year of blogging, I got the opportunity to write the official fashion show reviews for Fashion Design Council of India at India Fashion Week in New Delhi. I believe that experience turned things around by opening up my blog to the audience at India’s biggest fashion event. All the amazing feedback that I usually wake up to via social media or email keeps me motivated to continue writing.

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4. Would you like to share a few tips with the newbies?

Buy Instagram followers, nobody cares. However, a little honesty about the same will add integrity!

5. Do you suggest any particular approach towards guest blogging?

I’ve written guest blogs for various brands including Pantaloons and Indian Terrain. I guess, being yourself is the key, since they reached you because of what they read in your blog in the first place.

6. Do you consider blogging to have evolved during the past 3 years?

Oh, blogging is evolving rapidly, every single day. The change in a year’s time itself is drastic. Three years is a long long time to think about.

7. Do you consider any monetization method to be really effective?

Brand collaborations are easily the most effective method. From my personal experience, affiliate marketing has been the most overrated.

8. You must have come across some good blogs by now. What are your favorite blogs?

StrayStyle by Ashima Gandhi is my recent favourite.

9. Could you help us gain an insight into the futuristic fashion trends?

Remember those patchy embroideries on bomber jackets and flared bell bottoms from mid 2000s? Like it or not, they’re coming back!

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