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Save time while couponing – Smart tricks to apply

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Mastering the skills of couponing is not a matter of joke. There are numerous people who are now expert couponers but who have taken more than a year to feel confident about their couponing skills. The more organized couponer you are, the more time you can save and the less frustrated you will be. If you’re eager about saving money through couponing but you also don’t want to waste too much of your time in gathering the best coupons, you need to know the tricks that can help you with saving time while couponing. Here are some such tricks.

Watch out for extra coupons: Spread the word within your family that you’re an avid couponer and let everyone know that. Appoint each of your family members in collecting coupons so that they may all help you in every way possible to accumulate coupons. You may even trade coupons with your co-workers, mother and also with your daughter.

Keep aside a single night: Set aside one night so that you can easily spend the entire night working behind coupons. Cut coupons, compare them, review sales papers and then create a shopping list for the entire week. This should also be the right time to check all the expiration dates of the present coupons that you’ve collected so that you may use them on time.

Cross check with your favorite sites: When you’re into couponing, you should watch out for coupons every morning and every evening. Don’t forget to check KCL before you leave from your office to check if there are any new deals that have been lately added. Go through the section of comments as there will be enough deals that may even be discussed there.

Choose your best 3 stores: Based on the best sales, the location and how amicable the staff is, choose 3 of your best stores. If all the stores are located almost at the same intersection, you can save gas and also keep things organized. Even when you require going to the store daily, your driving time will be decreased and the shopping trips are still quicker. Hence, choose your best stores for your convenience.

Always keep your coupons: Always make sure you carry your coupons and allow them to be carried everywhere with you. If you don’t carry your coupons with you, you will soon find yourself missing out on many deals. Even though you may not plan to visit a store, still you should leave your coupons in the car so that you can use them in case they’re needed.

Have queries: When you’re in the store, ask the store men whether they could help you find out an item, or whether an item is already sold out. Is your coupon applicable on the item that you’re buying?

So, whenever you find yourself strapped for cash, slide back to the habit of extreme couponing so that you can not only save money but also save enough time.

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