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Score major discounts while shopping online – The ultimate secret of saving money

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Don’t you think that these days the online retailers are becoming more and more creative to score huge amounts of money with shoppers? But if you turn out to be a smart deal hunter or you’re someone who loves to get some of the biggest discounts without having to put in a lot of efforts, you can try following few of the clever shopping tips which you should definitely follow while doing online shopping. Here are few you should consider.

 Try to outsmart the price trap of the retailers

Dynamic pricing is one of the cleverest strategies which are used by the online retailers to show varied prices to various people as per their location, spending pattern, browsing behavior and present demand of the item. This technique has recently become extremely sophisticated and if you want to outwit these merchants, make sure you clear your cookies and browsing history, log out of all accounts, switch to an incognito mode, choose localized versions of a website and select the less developed countries to grab better prices.

 Shop on the right day

Even though you may feel tempted to spend your lazy afternoon on Sunday browsing through different e-commerce websites, don’t take a hasty decision of cashing out fast. Majority of the stores roll discounts and super-duper deals on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. But Sundays are the best to shop for cheap airline tickets and Monday being the most expensive. As per online shopping experts, Tuesdays are the best days for shopping desktops, laptops as there are some popular retailers like HP and Dell which give special coupons every Tuesday.

 Start strategical multiple couponing

Does the specific e-commerce website allow you to combine various coupons and promo codes during checkout? If answered yes, make sure you utilize them in the right order. Suppose you’ve got a promo code for a 20% discount and a coupon for $10, first apply for the 20% discount promo code. By taking this step, you can already subtract 20% from the total price and then again dig in for more discount coupon.

 Seek benefits of smart and useful reward programs

There are few apps which allow you to redeem special bonuses for carrying forward few actions. By carrying on paid online surveys you can earn kicks with ShopKick which can leter on be exchanged with special discounts and gift cards. Swagbucks TV also allows you to earn swagbucks for just watching videos and later on redeem the amount as discounts from various online merchants.

 Bargain with the customer care service

Did you recently discover a juicy coupon inside your mailbox and also discover that it expired 2 months back? If answered yes, you need not fret as you can call on the customer care service and plead them to extend the date of your coupon so that you could make an order at a low price. Sales officials are usually interested in closing a deal and hence they may help you out.

Therefore, couponing and outwitting the merchants and online retailers are the best ways in which you can do smart online shopping and also save money at the same time.


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