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Touring Paris-Fall in Love upon Reaching the Romance Capital

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Touring Paris

Paris honeymoon packages offer a great deal to celebrate your life’s most romantic events during your honeymoon. Paris, the romance capital of the world offers different forms of entertainment that goes a long way to support its reputation as the City of Lights and Love. Honeymoon in Paris ensures a classical romance through all of its packages.

Once you reach Paris, you’ll discover romance at each turn of events. A bit of whispering and snuggling add more to the ambience and the lights create a perfect atmosphere. Your new marriage always demanded a perfect backdrop and you’ll achieve it nicely. A marriage can last for a life time when you begin it with sweet memories of some magical moments.

Shopping and Sightseeing

When it comes to pedestrians, the city of Paris is quite friendly; you may explore this city, walk hand-in-hand and even walk on foot. It allows you to earn your own personal time and relax, as you discover and enjoy various sounds and sights. Champs Elysees is one of the main attractions as you take a stroll in the Paris streets. You’re likely to get attracted to a 17th century garden promenade that has been turned to an avenue. The Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde are being connected by this. You’ll certainly avail Paris honeymoon package souvenirs all over this place, as it is one of the main shopping streets.


Your loved one will appreciate the trinkets that you buy for her. Gifts don’t really need to be expensive; even a few simple gifts might impress your loved one. Getting married shouldn’t mean an end to your wooing and romance. For shopping, you may pay a visit to the Rungis and Les Halles. In case you have a taste of exploring the old houses of Paris, then you may explore the Le Larias. On the other hand, if you choose high-end brands, then you could just be looking for Avenue Montaigne. Your eyes are bound to meet a row of cozy cafes at Montmarte and allow you to take some rest following your day-long strolling. You’ll even come across local artists who’ll develop a memento for you.

Romance under the Moonlight

The romantic back drop that you achieve best in Paris is at the night time. Once you get there, the best thing for you to do is whispering sweet nothings amid gardens that are well lit. Young lovers would love an air perfect fantasy created on the banks of Seine amid the Tuileries Garden. This place is also known for a variety of plants belonging to some wild species. Other places of visit include the Park Andre Citroen, the Parc de la Villete and the Folie de Chartres.

The Parisian sky will create the perfect ambience for your moonlight dinners. Your partner is bound to feel the romantic air amid background scores played by a violinist, roses, a toast of champagne and a candle lit dinner. As you start dancing under the stars, you’ll feel this romantic air by yourself. In addition, visiting the Eiffel Tower is a must on your itinerary. Unless you look down from the Eiffel tower, your Paris honeymoon can’t be complete.

Cruises filled with an air of romance

The stretch on both sides of the Seine River is noted for public displays of affection by newly married couples who enjoy walking with arms across each other’s shoulders. Moving down the Seine on a river cruise lets you relax and enjoy various spots within this the charming city. With millions of lights and sounds around you, it is worth enjoying beautiful and enchanting sights as you lazily get past those long canals that are stretching for miles. Have your romantic dinner under the soft lights of the river as you achieve glimpses of some of the mythical spots in Paris. It will let you feel the difference!

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