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Unique, special yet affordable gift ideas for Holi – Spread love and color this 2017!

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Buying and giving gifts can definitely be a little bit confusing at times but once you take a closer look at the idea of giving gifts, it can also be fun and simple too. Just ensure that whichever occasion you’re buying gifts for, they should be unique, special and should have that added touch of love. Now that we’re heading towards Holi and the festival of colors is just around the corner, colors are the first things which cross our mind. You soon start wondering how you can add to the happiness of your near and dear ones by giving them some special gift.

This is why we’ve jotted down a few simple yet smart ways of making Holi even more special for your friends and family members. We present before you some gift ideas which are not only unique and special but are also affordable at the same time.

Home Care Kit

How about creating a home care kit? When you choose the items for designing this kit, keep in mind the preference of the individual in mind. For someone who prefers woody fragrances, choose a floral aroma.

  • Choose an effective stain-free for easy and effortless cleaning. With this, you can help your friend clean stains easily and save your time and effort.
  • Gifting a mild hand wash can also be helpful as hands are usually the most overworked parts of our body during Holi.
  • Freshly scented towels can refresh the body and mind of the person. After all the running around on Holi, how about gifting a pack of freshly scented towels which he can use to wipe off all color.
  • A soothing moisturising lotion is also a necessity during the time of Holi. Playing around, cleaning and bathing can take off enough moisture from your skin.

Personal Care Kit

Something which never fails to impress is a personal care kit. During Holi, majority of the people are smeared with colors and later on with their stains. Hence personal care kit can indeed be helpful.

  • Pack a bottle of coconut oil and use it both before and after playing Holi as it can retain the moisture in hair. It also saves your hair from damage.
  • Try applying nail paints as they can save your fingers from getting strained. Make sure you choose from a wide range of colors available.
  • A trustworthy facial cleanser can do a lot good for your skin. Hence choose a reputable brand which suits your skin.
  • A plain T-shit can be used during emergency. In case anyone needs to change, a T-shirt can help but make sure you choose a dark color T-shirt as that always helps.
  • A scented tissue can also be of immense help as the scent immediately helps in freshening your mind.

Therefore, when you’re planning for some of the best gift ideas, you can take into account the ones mentioned above as they are unique and also reasonable at the same time.


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