How it works

Do's & Don'ts

  • Emptying your cart is necessary before you begin.
  • Browser extensions of all third parties need to be turned off.
  • Don't check in with widgets that perform price comparison.
  • Click on our website link before you start shopping.
  • Keep the offer window open while you continue shopping.
  • Your purchase has to be finished in a single session.


I liked an offer on your site, which doesn't exist anymore. How do I get it?

There are a few instances wherein the offer conveyed to us by a store only lasts for a certain period or till as long as their promotion lasts. Once the expiration date of an offer is reached, it gets removed automatically from our apps and our website.

We' will do this to make sure that your overall experience gets smoother than ever before. We don't want you to spend time on offers that aren't active anymore.

Do I have any option to list my business on Couponsji?

You may send us an email to or may even choose to share your views through our automated form.

What is Couponsji cashback?

We provide you with an option to earn extra cashback for using our coupons while making online purchases. These discounts are provided in addition to all discounts that you avail at online shopping portals.

How do I earn my cashback?

You'll need to use our Couponsji link to get redirected to your favorite stores while making a purchase. Once done, you'll find an option to claim your cashback. We will track your purchase within 48 hours and add your cashback to your pending account balance. You'll be able to use your cashback amount once the merchant provides us with their final confirmation of the sale.

How can I use my cashback?

The cashback amount that you earn from Couponsji is your money. You can get it transferred to your bank account, add it to your DTH accounts or use it for recharging your online wallet.

What are Couponsji Rewards?

Cashback earned from e-commerce sites like Flipkart can be transferred to your online wallet e.g. PayTM. You may even use it for making your DTH or mobile phone recharge. Your Couponsji Rewards are nothing but cashbacks that you earn from such online merchants. You may earn Couponsji Rewards in the same way as that of your Couponsji Cashback. However, you must remember that unlike your Couponsji Cashback, the Couponsji Rewards can't be transferred to your bank account.

How do I distinguish between my balances?

Pending Balance depicts amounts that have been earned by you but are yet to be redeemed. Such balance may include amounts that you spent while making purchases with our bonus amounts or through cash-back stores.

You may withdraw your available balance immediately or till the time your minimum withdrawal limits are maintained.