Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of great importance to us. We are dedicated towards protecting your privacy. All personal data that you share with us or any piece of information that we collect for processing are based on the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy governing our website.

You must understand and follow our rules and practices concerning your personal information and the way it will be processed and used. According to our policy, you are actually giving your consent to use your personal information by submitting the same with our website.

We reserve the right to change our usage clauses from time to time. You must visit this page in order to remain updated about all such changes. Apart from posting our updated policies in this page, we will be sharing them at other pages of our site. Our primary objective is to keep you informed on how your information may be collected and how we may use it under all circumstances. You will agree to our changing usage norms by continuing to use our website for long.

Please feel free to reach us at if you any questions or when need to clarify any doubt concerning our processing and usage of personal information.

All that You May Submit or Allow Us to Collect

We own all information that you either submit or allow us to collect on our site. Apart from the ways mentioned in this statement, we will not rent, share or sell any piece of information bearing your personal data to others. We are bound to follow the norms stated by us under any given circumstance.

We may gather and utilize the data mentioned below:

Information that you provide us while filling forms at our website Such information may include by is not restricted to information shared by you while contacting us, posting various materials like discounts or while signing up for our newsletters.

We may choose to maintain a correspondence record whenever you visit our site.

We conduct various online surveys from time to time. We may utilize such information from time to time. You may choose to opt out of such surveys at your own free will.

We may choose to go through the web logs of your visit to our website. This includes but is not restricted to resources accessed by you and various online data concerning communication, location and traffic.

Cookies and IP Addresses

Information pertaining to your system e.g. the type of your browser, operating system and IP address may be collected by us. We do this in order to serve our business users with cumulative information and for the purpose of system administration. Such data is based on statistics concerning the browsing patterns and actions of our website visitors.

We may use a cookie file residing within your hard drive for seeking information on your usage of our site. The hard drive of your system acquires information from these cookies. It helps us in improving our site and delivering a personalized service for our users. Cookies are very helpful in storing information on customizing our site as per your specific needs. They even help us store information on your interests besides pacing up your searches and identifying your visits to our website.

Couponsji may even enable third parties including advertisers to include cookies in your system while you are on a visit to our site. These cookies help us keep a record of your searches and your surfing pattern whenever your visit our site. We may utilize this information for figuring out advertisements that you might find more interesting than the others besides keeping a record of your response towards ads.

You may choose to activate your browser setting for keeping cookies away if you wish to reject them. However by choosing this setting, you may restrict yourself from accessing few areas of your website. Till the time your browser setting gets adjusted in way as to reject cookies, cookies will be issued by our system as and when you log on to our site.

Sending Emails Directly

By signing up with for our alerts or newsletters, you’ll be able to access information on our upcoming products and services that you are interested in. Such information may help you collect updates on our free stuff and items that fetch quality discounts like that of our coupon codes. We may even send you emails for conveying information on our other sites that seem relevant to your business. You may subscribe for our newsletter by submitting your email address through our User Registration page or Sign up box. You are actually agreeing to receive our newsletter emails regularly by sharing your email address with us.

Storing User Data

Our secure servers store all information provided by you. You are bound to keep maintain confidentiality of your password that you achieved from us. You may use this password for accessing various parts of our website. You are advised to preserve this password and keep it from being accessed by others.

The internet is not fully secure when it comes to sharing personal and financial information. We are dedicated towards protecting your personal data. However, the security of data transmitted to our site can’t be guaranteed. It’s at your own risk that you enable any such transmission.

We undertake certain security measures and stringent procedures for restricting unauthorized access upon receiving your information.

Removing or Updating of Personal Information

You must convey all necessary personal information amendments to us. Please inform us if you want us to edit or update your personal information. We will post the correct information the sooner you let us know. We will remove all of your personal information in case you wish to deactivate our service. Be it for the purpose of auditing or for our own record maintenance, we may retain an archive copy of all information that you provide us with.

How We Use Your Information

Your information is used in the ways mentioned below:

  • To make sure that our website presents content in the most effective way. We give equal importance to information that’s presented for your system and yourself.
  • To share details concerning your most cherished services and products or information that seems relevant to you, once you’ve given your consent to be contacted for it.
  • To fulfill any obligation regarding agreements that was arrived at by you and us.
  • To make sure that our website presents content in the most effective way. We give equal importance to information that’s presented for your system and yourself.
  • To make it easier for you to take part in all of our interactive service features whenever the need be.
  • To inform you about any modification or change caused to our services.
  • You may find some of our services and goods to be of great interest. We may provide you with such information after gaining access to your information.
  • We don’t contact any affiliate advertiser for sharing information on identifiable individuals. Only aggregate information concerning our users is shared with them.

Disclosing Your Personal Data

Your personal information may be shared with third parties.

Your personal information may be submitted through promotional activities involving third parties when you agree with the terms of such promotions by opting for them.

For procuring any particular asset or business, we may need to share your personal information with the concerned buyers or sellers.

Google Advertising Notification

Cookies may be used for controlling advertisements backed by Google Inc. or any business affiliate. You are bound to come across a few websites that make the most of Google Advertising Services. Ads are displayed by Google with the help of information provided by cookies regarding your visits to our site.

Find out more on how you may defy Google’s Cookie Usage. Google follows its own set of policies when it comes to online tracking done with the help of certain mechanisms like that of cookies.

Contact Information

Please get in touch with our site admin through if you have any question or concern regarding our privacy policy.